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Prof. Beşir ATALAY
Minister of Internal Affairs

He was born in 1947, in Kırıkkale – Keskin. He finished his license in 1970 at Ankara University, Faculty of Law. He completed his doctor’s degree at sociology. Besides his academic career he served as a member at board of management of Prime Ministry SPO Head of Department of Social Organization and UNESCO National Commission of Turkey. While he was serving as a faculty member at Marmara University, he assigned at Kırıkkale University as rector in 1992 and run establishment works for 5 years. Then he founded Ankara Social Investigation Center (ANAR). He elected to the parliament at 2002 and 2007 from AK Parti, Ankara. He served as minister of state at 58th and 59th cabinets of Republic of Turkey. He is still serving as Minister of Internal Affairs at 60th cabinet of Republic of Turkey.