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Alenka Bratusek 150x176Prime Minister of Slovenia 

Born in Celje in 1970, Ms. Bratusek graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology at Ljubljana University and went on to receive her master's degree in managementfrom the same university. Before entering politics, she served as head of the Directorate for the State Budget at the Ministry of Finance for six years. She ran for Parliament in 2008 on the list of the Social Liberal Party Zares. She was elected on the list of the Positive Slovenia Party in the 2011 early parliamentary elections. She chaired the parliamentary Commission for Public Finance Control in 2011. In January 2013, she was elected President of the Positive Slovenia Party. Bratusek was elected Prime Minister in February 2013 thus becoming the first female prime minister of Slovenia. She is married a proud mother of two children.