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milsan 150x176pxPrint Industry and Trade INC

It was established in order to print books and newspapers in 1977, in Topkapı, Istanbul. It began printing with the most advanced offset printing machines. In order to increase its production capacity; MİLSAN had continued to invest in itself and reached to a level where it had been able to printed 100,000 hardcover books a day. In 1980, it had begun to print newspapers such as Milli Gazete and New Age. Also it had published books for Ministry of National Education and other private publishing houses. In 1999; it has established an integrated plant in İkitelli, İstanbul on 40,000 m2 lands (8000m2 of this facility was confined space). In 2001; it became the first company to print 200,000 hardcover books daily in Turkey and the leader in its sector. In 2004 it had received ISO 9001-2000 document and proved its international quality. It has been updating itself with the latest technological development and MİLSAN continues to operate with quality and service mentality.