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Enver ÖREN

EnverOren 150x176px(Deceased), İhlas Holding Administrative Board Chairperson

Born in Denizli in 1939, Mr Ören studied Botany and Zoology at Istanbul University, where he worked as a lecturer before leaving for a career in journalism in 1970. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science by Konya Selçuk University for his efforts and contributions to the development of science and technology and his services to Turkish culture. He was named “the decade’s most successful newspaper manager” (1980-1990) bythe Ankara Association of Journalists. He served as the Vice President of the Newspaper Proprietors Association and Board Member of the Press Advertisements Organization.The International Islamic Academy of Sciences, based in Dakar, declared him its first “Honorary Member”. Mr Ören was awarded a medal of eminent service in 1999, for his services to the Turkish Republic. He led many significant projects through the various institutions and foundations he had established. Mr Ören passed away in 2013.