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serpilozturk 150x176pxARDA Group Administrative Board Chairperson

Born in Istanbul in 1976, Mrs. Öztürk became a business partner and member of the management team of Cengiz Construction within Arda Group in 1996. She founded, together with her family, a company called Arda Engineering to take advantage of the business potential presented by the arrival of natural gas. She contributed to the infrastructure building and distribution of natural gas and water to many of our cities. She founded Delta Tahribatsiz Test in 2005, a first-of-its kind company in the NDT industry which is regulated by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority. She is NDT Level 2 certified and is one of a few women in this industry. She has built drinking water infrastructures and water treatment plants in Africa. Mrs. Öztürk operates a world-first maritime transport of 19 days from Turkey to Ghana, Western Africa with Tuna LİNE, a Tuna Holding company of which she is the CEO.